All attendees must complete the Registration Information form below to confirm their attendance.

The registration fee for the THATCamp is $35, to offset costs for food, refreshments, and the meeting space. It does not include admission to the Strong Museum of Play, though conference attendees are eligible for discounted admission.

RIT faculty must register for the conference but do not need to pay the $35 registration fee. Their registration fee will be paid by the RIT College of Liberal Arts.

Pay RIT DHSS THATCamp Registration Fee – $35

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Registration Information

In a few sentences, please tell us why you want to come to THATCamp. You might tell us what task you want to accomplish, what problem you want to solve, what new perspective you want to understand, what issue you want to discuss, or what skill you want to learn. Remember, though: no paper proposals! THATCamp is for working and talking with others, not for presenting to a silent audience.

Personal Information

Please note that the following information from your profile may be publicly displayed on this website: your name, biography, field of study, title, institutional affiliation, website, and Twitter handle. No other information will be publicly displayed.

Tell us a little about yourself.


Example: @thatcamp

Examples: Assistant Professor, Instructional Technologist, Archivist, Software Engineer, Graduate student

Examples: George Mason University, New York Public Library, Automattic

e.g., Art History, English, Library Science

I consider my technology skill level to be:

Kids are welcome! Let us know how many you plan to bring.

If you have dietary, language, spatial, accessibility, or other needs, please describe them here. We will make every effort to accommodate you.


5 Responses to Register

  1. Karen ("ren") vanMeenen says:

    I believe I have already registered. Can you please confirm? Thank you.

  2. I believe I have already registered. Can you please confirm? Thank you.

  3. Everyone who has successfully registered through this site has been notified. If you believe you registered but have not received a notification, email ude.t1552918681ir@ls1552918681ghtw1552918681 and we can try to get to the bottom of it.

    Or you can try registering again.

  4. Rebecca DeRoo says:

    I believe I am registered- could you kindly confirm?

    • Hi Rebecca,

      I don’t see you in the list of registrations. Can you try registering again? If the page doesn’t say “You have already submitted the form” then it didn’t work. (You’re not the only one this has happened to.)

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