Teach: WordPressing and Timelining!

If you’ve logged in to the RIT  THATCamp site, my friend, you’ve used WordPress! Want to learn more about this tool? This session consists of overviews of two free website content creation tools: WordPress (blog content management system) and Tiki-Toki (web-based timeline maker).  First, we will review the ins and outs of WordPress, including site types (.org and .com),  themes, imagery, and layout. Following this, we will examine four digital exhibits and take a peek at the backend interface of each. Second, we will move into the timeline portion of our session by developing content on Tiki-Toki.

While the projects discussed are base in museum studies and archival research, the tools and approaches may be of interest to other disciplines and practices.

Users should bring laptops or tablets to use during this session. And, if possible, please create an account on WordPress.com and Tiki-Toki.com before joining the session.

Looking forward to sharing and learning with you!

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