“Make” Proposal: Solutions for Promoting Higher Order Thinking

I’d like to propose a “make” session in which participants think about the ways in which technology can be used to promote higher order thinking (which would include creativity/innovation in my mind- and that’s my interest in this THATCamp).

Is it possible to construct new types of digital assessment beyond multiple choice, etc. (basically all of the Canvas/Blackboard/Moodle etc. options for question types) that allow educators to model and evaluate skills like analysis, synthesis, etc.? What might that look like?

Are there effective ways to model thinking beyond text?

Could the solution also include tutorials on these thinking skills, as they are sometimes difficult to express and model, even for educators?

Can we sidestep the present obsession with AI and data (robotic teaching perhaps) and use technology to intensify the value of the educator as an interpreter/modeler of higher order thinking?

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